Toyota Owner Welcome
Personalized dynamic landing page development
Project Description

Toyota owners who have just recently bought or leased a new Toyota have the option to register on the Toyota Owners web site. This site is designed to provide people who own a Toyota a way to have a way to get to know and connect with the vehicle they have just purchased. It is also a portal where they can read articles about Toyota news or events, buy parts and accessories, learn about ToyotaCare and keep in contact with their local service, and just about anything else that would give the owner a closer connection to their vehicle.

RAPP and Toyota partnered to come up with a strategy to drive more traffic to the Toyota Owners site. The solution was the Toyota Owner Welcome program. This mainly consists of direct mail, a series of email campaigns, which both drive to a landing page. This whole program serves as an introduction to the Toyota Owners website, and encourages the new owner to register, and also highlights the features of the Toyota Owners site. The landing page is a highly personalized experience that features a video of Toyota's spokeswoman Jan asking new owners to register, and pointing the user to instructions on how to do so. The user's name and an image of the exact vehicle they purchased are dynamically embedded into the video and become part of the whole visual experience. The page also includes other modules not shown here which include a survey, suggestions on accessories for the owner's vehicle, and information about ToyotaCare.

A large team at RAPP collaborated on the project, along with a third-party vendor contributing to development of the landing page. I managed this third-party team, and handled frontend integration of all assets they supplied into our ASP .NET project. I also worked alongside our vendor's team on coding and development. Once the whole program was launched, it was a huge success. Traffic to the site increased, and so did registrations. The entire Toyota Owner Welcome program continues to be a strong, successful catalyst for simply getting new owners to register on the site, and from there, getting them more engaged with their new vehicle.

Technology used
  • HTML5
  • SCSS/Compass
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Jade template engine
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: Management of third-party vendor's development team, coding and development of landing page modules, frontend integration into MVC ASP .NET framework.