Corporate website rebrand and development
Project Description

RAPP went through a complete global corporate rebrand in starting in early 2015. They wanted to highlight the core values of the company and convey the philosophy of what they have to offer to their clients through the new brand.

A complete rebrand, of course, means a complete redesign and rebuild of the website. I was asked to join the internal team as the lead on the frontend development of the site. In addition to our internal team, we also used the services of an offshore digital agency to help with the bulk of the frontend coding and development. I managed this team and did daily code checks as they delivered their work. Once everything looked good with each portion of the site that they completed, I would then integrate it into the MVC ASP .NET framework that was being developed by the RAPP team. I worked alongside this team and was also developing several sections of the site. It's always a challenge when you have two different teams working in the same space, especially when one of the teams is in a different country. I was proactive about developing standards to follow and passing them along to the vendor so that we would stay as consistent as possible with how the site was being built.

On the home page and for the case studies, I was asked to develop a player for full page, high-definition videos. Using the HTML5 JavaScript library VideoJS along with a plugin called BigVideo, I was able to complete this task successfully. Examples of the work in action can be seen in the work section of the site under case studies (pictured above). Just click on any of the case study thumbnails to see an example of the video player.

Another section that required my efforts was the lead team bios on the about page. Each of the thumbnails, when clicked, launches a full page bio of that member of the team.

Working on the RAPP website was an ongoing effort as there were new things being added all the time and we had to also make sure we were keeping up on maintenance of the site. The launch of the site was such a success, in my opinion, because of the effort of the internal RAPP team giving their full attention to every detail. The talents of everyone involved were put on display through the work they did on the RAPP website.

Technology used
  • Zurb Foundation
  • HTML5
  • SCSS/Compass
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • VideoJS with the BigVideo plugin
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: Management of off-shore development team, HTML development, additions and updates on several sections of the site, frontend integration, troubleshooting and optimization.

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