Max Steel Website
Corporate website redesign and development
Project Description

When Mattel approached RAPP about doing a complete redesign and rebuild of the Max Steel website, they wanted the end product to be much more visually exciting and engaging to the user. They wanted to see more animations, videos, interactivity for the user, and finally, games. The site was to feature Flash games and embedded HTML5 video clips from the Max Steel cartoons. A gamification layer was added so users could gain points and win badges as they completed tasks and kept returning to the site. In the end, the client was happy because the site was visually more exciting and got the user more engaged and encouraged them to come back to the site.

In addition to managing a team of near-shore frontend developers in Costa Rica, the section that I personally put most of my effort into was the Ultralink Creator (pictured above). This JavaScript-driven tool gives newly subscribed users the ability to create their own avatar by selecting color, body type, arms, and different types of eyes. Once they made their choices, they could save it, and this Ultralink avatar would display globally as they navigated through the site. This same avatar would display every time they login to the site as a subscribed user.

Technology used
  • HTML5
  • SCSS/Compass
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Greensock for HTML5 animation
  • Flash (for embedded video games)
  • VideoJS
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: Management of frontend development team, coding of the Ultralink Creator (pictured above) with jQuery for interactivity, addition and maintenance of several sections and modules, jQuery and Greensock animations, frontend integration, and ongoing updates.