Team Hot Wheels
Contest microsite development
Project Description

Join Team Hot Wheels was one of several contest microsites the RAPP team was tasked to work on by Mattel. All of these sites had basically the same user experience. A page to see the prizes you could win, a page to punch a code that enters you into the contest, and an instructional "How to Play" page which explains how to enter. The code the user would enter to win would be printed on certain Hot Wheels products along with the URL that leads to the site. There was also a "no purchase necessary" option. Entry into this contest would serve double duty. It would give the entrant a chance to win a bunch cool prizes, and would have them "Join the Team" so they continue to receive emails about Hot Wheels products and events in the future.

This project was a particularly fun one to work on (no sarcasm intended). The pages needed to be responsive, but were also very graphic-heavy. My approach to this was to have a background layer that was constant, and then have several PNG graphics to place on the background. This would allow it so at smaller break points in the browser, or on mobile devices, certain graphics would drop out, and the ones that remain would scale down and re-position. Takes a lot of tweaking doing it this way, but made me feel very satisfied when it was done and it looked good. Oh yeah, and the client was happy too!

Technology used
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: Coding and development of responsive pages based on provided creative.