Movie Trailer and Release Website

Website development, animation and testing
Project Description

Worked on a rebuild and optimization of a small feature release site for the horror movie Hereditary while working as a contractor at BOND in Hollywood. This project was for their client A24 Films.

The promotional site hosts a few pages with features like embedded movie trailers, animations on the navigation items, and full background video. Also, the Synopsis page gives a brief description of the plot line of a film that has been compared to the modern-day "Exorcist". The Synopsis page also features bios of the all-star cast (including Toni Collette, Gabriel Byrne, and Anne Dowd), complete with full background images for each actor as you hover over their name. These user-triggered effects use a combination of CSS, GSAP and Javascript throughout these few pages.

The page load time and response to user events were demonstrably improved after refactoring and doing extensive clean-up of the code. I just hope that the flair I gave to the look, feel, and the use of the sound matches up to the CREEPINESS of this movie!

Technology used
  • HTML5
  • Javascript/jQuery/JSON
  • GSAP animation
  • HTML5 background video
  • YouTube video embed
  • Bootstrap
  • VideoJS
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: Technical consultation, website development, GSAP & CSS3 animation, HTML5 video/sound embed and manipulation. Testing and adjustments for responsive break points for all devices.