Toyota Yaris Launch
Landing page development for launch of the 2015 Toyota Yaris
Project Description

Which city do you belong in with your 2015 Toyota Yaris? New York? Austin? Malibu? This is the question asked of consumers or current Toyota owners through an email sent to them after they had shown interest in the 2015 Yaris (or other vehicles in the Toyota lineup). The email drives to a responsive landing page taking the user through a quick 5-question quiz. The answers given determine which of these 3 locations best fit their lifestyle. Once the quiz is completed, the user is redirected to one of three pages with the appropriate layout theme for either New York, Austin or Malibu. Each of these pages illustrate a few of the top features of the 2015 Yaris, and prompts the user to see the full Vehicle Features page on Toyota's main property website.

Zurb Foundation was used for the responsive layout grid for this landing page. Custom SCSS/CSS and media queries were written to handle the scaling and responsive page elements for the small and medium (A.K.A. mobile and tablet) viewport sizes. The quiz application also required custom-written Javascript and jQuery to handle the animation, progression through the steps of the quiz, and the final calculation and page redirect on quiz completion.

Technology used
  • Zurb Foundation
  • HTML5
  • SCSS/Compass
  • Javascript/jQuery
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: Lead developer, project timeline scoping and estimates, technical consultation, frontend integration, troubleshooting and optimization.

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