Toyota Corolla Vehicle Launch
HTML email development
Project Description

Around late Spring each year at the RAPP LA office, there is always a buzz stirring up about Toyota’s product line for the upcoming year. This is around the time that kickoff meeting start happening for each of the vehicles in the product line, and we all knew that we were going to be busy for many of the weeks to come. All cross-functional teams in the agency would be involved in every step of the entire project lifecycle, many times on multiple projects at once since there would be several vehicle model launch campaigns running concurrently. This email deals with just one: 2017 Toyota Corolla

This very simple, elegant email was set up and deployed through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform by the RAPP development team once the email has been fully tested and is ready to be sent. There are millions of records in the Toyota customer database, so when sending a campaign like this for such a popular vehicle, it must be deployed in partial amounts of the total number of records using a process called “throttling”. This would prevent servers from being overloaded and prevent the email from being flagged as spam by email service providers. The data would often need to be segmented between current vehicle owners, and “hand raisers”; individuals that have shown interest in purchasing a Corolla but do not currently own one. Deployment would also usually ramp up starting with an A/B test of two different subject lines. Depending on how each subject line would perform on each segmented group in a 24–48-hour period, one would be chosen and used for full deployment to the remaining records in the data.

NOTE: Examples of responsive views of how email is displayed in both desktop and mobile environments are displayed in the image above.

Technology used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: HTML email development, testing and preparation for deployment.