Toyota Michigan Auto Show
HTML email development
Project Description

The RAPP team keeps very busy with building email campaigns and landing pages for not only upcoming vehicle launch promotions for Toyota, but also for Toyota events. This email was a campaign that was sent out to all who had shown interest in the 2017 Michigan Auto Show. I had a bit of hometown pride with this one since I was born and raised in the Detroit area before coming out to Los Angeles. I gave it my own “Detroit Rock City” feel to it. Can you tell? Can you hear it? Is this thing on? Anyway… while promoting the event and bringing people in with the extra $500 bonus towards a new Toyota, this email drives to several other incentives and tools on the Toyota website including the Build your Toyota tool and a lead-in to get signed up for Toyota Financial Services.

As with the vehicle launch campaigns for Toyota, this Toyota event email is set up and deployed through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform by the RAPP development team once the email has been fully tested and is ready to be sent. This email was sent to everyone that showed interest in the Auto Show, and to current vehicle owners in the customer database. I remember there being as many records in the data as any other vehicle launch campaign, and the response to this campaign was impressive. Free $500 towards a new Toyota? ROCK!

One final thing to note is the AMPscript in this email is being used to populate the offer code needed to fill out the form and receive the $500 Auto Show Bonus. It is shown here in its raw form before being hydrated with the actual code that would be generated when the email is sent through SFMC. You can see it at the top of the email in the section with the gray background: %%OFFER_CODE%%. The percent signs around the string indicate it is a variable that needs to be populated from the data.

NOTE: Examples of responsive views of how email is displayed in both desktop and mobile environments are displayed in the image above.

Technology used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AMPscript
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: HTML email development, testing and preparation for deployment.