RAPP Network Newsletter
HTML email development
Project Description

RAPP had just gone through complete re-brand around mid-2015, and part of that re-brand was a need for a solid newsletter email. The RAPP executives wanted something that not only looked great but could be flexible enough to add on as many articles as needed. The newsletter talks about new business, what’s going on in other offices in the network, events, and all other cultural topics related to RAPP.

This email was to go out to all offices in North America and to other offices in the global network, so needless to say, testing on this one was of upmost importance to be sure it looked and functioned perfectly in EVERYTHING. So that's exactly what we did.

Following the same testing and QA process we use for our client emails; it started with a test send through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Since RAPP has its own instance of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, it was easy enough for me to set up a test with a small group of people internally from the LA office team and send out the email through SFMC to that group exactly as I would for a real deployment. Once received. All team members lucky enough to receive the test would do exhaustive testing in ALL email clients, operating systems and devices. We would also do a send to Litmus, which returns several screen shots of just about every email client and operating system environment that you can imagine. Any bugs found would be logged, sent to the project managed, compiled, and allsent back to me for the next round. Rinse and repeat, and once everything was perfect... hit send!

NOTE: Examples of responsive views of how email is displayed in both desktop and mobile environments are displayed in the image above.

Technology used
  • HTML
  • CSS
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: HTML email development, testing and preparation for deployment.