Bank of America REFI Drip Campaign
HTML email development
Project Description

Bank of America does, of course, offer a large variety of financial services, and while at RAPP, I believe I developed email campaigns for every one of those services. Home loans being one of the many services they offer, this email deals with refinancing on a home loan. It was at a point in time when interest rates were low, and it made sense that a promotion like this that explains the benefits of refinancing your home loan would be attractive to the consumer and would at least drum up some interest and get the conversation started. I chose this one to show on my site not only for my development work on this project, but for the creative work. This is a great example of when our client at Bank of America started to "let loose" a little bit and allowed our creative team to do something different than what you might see on previous campaigns. It looks more fun, creative, and personal, and not so much like it comes from, well, a financial institution.

The dynamic scripting language AMPscript, a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform, is implemented in this email to personalize the opening paragraph with consumer’s first name (I chose to replace it with Margaret for purposes of this demo). Although not seen in the image, AMPscript is also used to populate the name and contact info of a Home Loan Services representative, including name, title, phone number, link to his/her website, and a picture of the representative. This always works well, giving the consumer even more of a personal feel that someone has been assigned to them to help them through the process and answer any questions about refinancing.

NOTE: Examples of responsive views of how email is displayed in both desktop and mobile environments are displayed in the image above.

Technology used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AMPscript
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: HTML email development, testing and preparation for deployment.