AARP Staying Sharp
HTML email development
Project Description

This example shown here is an email communication for Staying Sharp, a division of AARP that deals solely with brain health. It is a very large division of AARP, so naturally there are a large amount of email communications that go out daily. The success rate of these emails is high since I worked on so many of them while at RAPP that our team developed a solid set of standards and best practices to follow when coding these types of emails. Since things are ever evolving with email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, there is always a fair amount of testing to be done before an email is deployed. The AARP team is always impressed with the work done by the RAPP team since they follow such a methodical process to ensure that the final delivery is always on time and follows a high quality of standards.

This email was set up and deployed through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform. Formerly Exact Target, SMC is a very powerful email delivery system with a huge array of features for how an email can be set up and how it is sent. Since working with it daily for quite a while, I have become very familiar and consider myself at expert level with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I have also developed an extensive knowledge of AMPscript, the proprietary dynamic scripting language that is used in line with the HTML code for emails in the platform. In this example shown, AMPscript is being used for very simple personalization (upper right corner), but it can be used to handle other much more complicated tasks. With years of experience with Exact Target/SMC, I have gained a strong knowledge of the massive amount features that the platform has to offer.

NOTE: Examples of responsive views of how email is displayed in both desktop and mobile environments are displayed in the image above.

Technology used
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AMPscript
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Project Details

My roles and responsibilities: HTML email development, testing and preparation for deployment.